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The NAPA® Echlin® digital resource library acts as your go-to location for all of our digital resources. In it you will find our current and past flyers, brochures, countermats, and more.

Description  Item Id
92-1541 TPMS Tool Kit Manual NE11218
92-1551 TPMS Service Tool Kit Manual NE11219
Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors Brochure NE11018
Choosing the Right TPMS Service Kit (92-1402) NE10675AUG12
CLEEN Operation Manual Manual
Coil-on-Plug (COP) Breakdown Flyer NE11420
Coil-on-Plugs Brochure NE11020
Diesel Parts Identification Guide NE11499-MAR23
Did You Know: 92-1547 TPMS Service Tool Kit NE10235Q47
Did You Know: Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) NE10235GDI
Did You Know: Pintle/Disc Fuel Injectors NE10235PD
Did You Know: 'Thumbs Up' For New TPMS Cradle NE10235THMB
Did You Know: Accelerator Pedal Sensors NA10235APS
Did You Know: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) NE10235ADAS
Did You Know: Air Charge/Manifold Temperature Sensors NA10235TS
Did You Know: Anti-lock Brake (ABS) Sensors NAB10235AUG11CAN
Did You Know: Barometric Pressure (BARO) Sensors NA10235BPS
Did You Know: Blower Motor Resistors NE10235BMR
Did You Know: Bottom Feed Injectors Removal & Installation Procedures EC004-05
Did You Know: Camshaft Crankshaft Position Sensors NA10235CPS
Did You Know: Camshaft Sensor Kits NE10235NCSK
Did You Know: Camshaft Synchronizer Assemblies NA10235CSA
Did You Know: Coil-on-Plug Advantage DYK COP Advantage
Did You Know: Coil-on-Plugs – Superior Inside and Out! DYK COP Superior Inside Out
Did You Know: Control At Your Fingertips EI009-05
Did You Know: Coolant Temperature Sensors NA10235CTS
Did You Know: Cummins 5.9L Diesel Fuel Injector Kits NE10235D_5.9LFJK
Did You Know: Diesel Common Rail Injectors (CRI) NE10235D-CRI
Did You Know: Diesel Fuel Injector NE10235DNX-MAY17
Did You Know: Diesel Fuel Injection Control Module NE10235D-FCM-JUL17
Did You Know: Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps NE10235D-FIP-FEB19
Did You Know: Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump - New NE10235D-FTP
Did You Know: Diesel High Pressure Oil Pumps NE10235D-HPP
Did You Know: Diesel Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI) NE10235D-HUE
Did You Know: Diesel NOx Sensors NE10235D-NOx-MAR20
Did You Know: DIS Modules have “Added Value” EI-003-05
Did You Know: DIS Modules Meet or Exceed OE Quality EI 0001-05
Did You Know: Distributor Assemblies NA10235DA
Did You Know: Replace Coils in Sets NE10235DJRCOP
Did You Know: Don’t Get PO’ed With PO401 Codes NA10179
Did You Know: EGR Position and EGR Pressure Sensors NA10235EGR
Did You Know: EGR Valves NA10235EGR-JUL12
Did You Know: Evaporative Emissions Vapor Canisters DYK Emissions Vapor Canisters
Did You Know: Fuel Injector NA10235FJ
Did You Know: Fuel Injector Advantage DYK Fuel Injector Advantage
Did You Know: Fuel Injectors — Superior Inside and Out! DYK Fuel Inj Superior Inside Out
Did You Know: Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit NE10235D-FPR
Did You Know: Fuel Water Separator Sensors NA10235FWS
Did You Know: Fusible Link / Circuit Breaker NE10235-FBCB
Did You Know: GM "T" Shaped Battery Cable Bolt NE10235BCB
Did You Know: Hi-Temp Blower Motor Resistor Kits NE10235BMRK
Did You Know: IC369 Ford “Coil-on-Plug” EI007-05
Did You Know: ICA101 Coil Adapter Pack EI008-05
Did You Know: Ignition Coil Testing NA10235ICT-SEP12
Did You Know: Ignition Coil-on-Plugs NA10235COP
Did You Know: Integrated Door Lock Actuators NE10235IDLA
Did You Know: Jeep Coil Bar DYK Jeep Coil Bar
Did You Know: Knock (Detonation) Sensors NA10235KS
Did You Know: Let NAPA Echlin Accelerate Your Sales NA10178
Did You Know: MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensors NA10235MAP
Did You Know: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors NE10235MAF
Did You Know: PMD Relocation Kit NE10235D-PMD
Did You Know: QWIK-SENSOR® Tool Compatibility NE11728
Did You Know: Relay Connector Issue EI006-05
Did You Know: Spider Fuel Injectors EC002-05
Did You Know: Steering Angle Sensors NE10235SASOCT17
Did You Know: Stoplight Switches NE10235SS
Did You Know: Throttle Position Sensors NA10235TPS
Did You Know: TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit (92-1541) NE10235TPMK
Did You Know: TPMS Marking Meanings NE10235TMM
Did You Know: TPMS Service and Repair NA10235TSR
Did You Know: TPMS Service Tool Kit (92-1551) NE10235TPMT
Did You Know: Two or Four? That is the Question! NA10177
Did You Know: Typical TPMS Counter Questions NE10235TCQ
Did You Know: Vehicle Speed Sensors NA10235VSS
Did You Know: Vehicle Warning Lights NA10235VWL
Did You Know: Vortec Fuel Injection Systems DYK Vortec Fuel Injection Sys
Did You Know: Water Intrusion and Premature Coil Failure (IC414) DYK Water Intrusion Coil Failure
Did You Know: We’ve Got You Covered – DIS Control Modules! NA10235DIS
Did You Know: Who do You Rely On for All Your Relays? EI011-06
Did You Know: YAW Rate Sensors NA10235YAW
Did You Know: Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve NE10235IAC
Diesel Parts Identification for Warranty Purposes NE11448
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® ADAS NE-DP-ADAS-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Collision Program NE-DP-COL 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Electronic Throttle Bodies & Related Parts NE-DP-ETB 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Emission Control Program NE-DP-EMIS-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® EV/Hybrid Program NE-DP-EVHY-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Gas Fuel Injection & Related Parts NE-DP-GFJ 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Gasoline Direct Injection Program NE-DP-GDI 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Ignition Program NE-DP-IGN-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Oil Filter Housing Kits NE-DP-OFHK-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Sensors NE-DP-SEN-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Switches and Relays NE-DP-SWRE-2024
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems NE-DP-TPMS 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Turbocharger Kits & Related Parts NE-DP-TURBO 2023
Digital Portfolio: NAPA® Echlin® Variable Valve Timing Program NE-DP-VVT 2023
Engine Management Portfolio NE10731
Fuel Pressure Regulators Flyer NE11015
Get the Job Done Right the First Time: DISA Valve Repair Kit TE10890
Get the Job Done Right the First Time: Expansion Tank Service Kits TE10858
Get the Job Done Right the First Time: Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit TE10889
Get the Job Done Right the First Time: Keyless Entry Transmitters TE10859
Get the Job Done Right the First Time: Turbocharger Actuator TE10888
Illustrated Connector Guide NE11211
NAPA Belden: Ready Set Go Countermat NB10295
NAPA Belden: 3 Must-Have Assortments Flyer NA10548L
NAPA Belden: Cabinet 'Easy Installs Just Got Easier' Flyer NAPA Belden Cabinet Flyer
NAPA Belden: COP Boot/Wire Set Kits Flyer NB10694
NAPA Belden: Ready Set Go Brochure NB10294JAN11
NAPA Belden: Spark Plug Wires - Easy Installs Just Got Easier NAPA Belden Wire Ad
NAPA Echlin Air Pumps NE11697
NAPA Echlin Collision Program Brochure NE11615
NAPA Echlin Diesel Brochure NE11389
NAPA Echlin Emission Control Program NE11690
NAPA Echlin Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensors NE11682
NAPA Echlin Fuel Injection Program Brochure NE11705
NAPA Echlin GDI Injection Flyer NE11556
NAPA Echlin Ignition Coil Brochure NE11411
NAPA Echlin Ignition Coil Consumer Flyer NE11457
NAPA Echlin Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors Brochure NE11083
NAPA Echlin Manual and Power Window Regulators NE11477
NAPA Echlin PCV Valves & Engine Oil Separators NE11698
NAPA Echlin Pigtails NE11570
NAPA Echlin Product Spotlight: Turbocharger Boost Solenoids NE11454APR20
NAPA Echlin QWIK-Sensor TPMS Multipacks NE11711
NAPA Echlin VVT Brochure NE11204
NAPA Echlin: The Power of Choice NE11246
New Parts Spotlight: Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors NE11731
New Parts Spotlight: Connectors for Ford Vehicles NE11689
New Parts Spotlight: GDI & MFI Fuel Injectors NE11707
New Parts Spotlight: GM Tail Light Harnesses NE11706
New Parts Spotlight: Turbochargers NE11614
OE-Match Sensor and Tool Special NE11207
Premium Import Leader Brochure NA10917
Quality Advantage: Washer Pump Flyer NE11479
Quality Advantage: Window Lift Motors Flyer NE11478
Quality Advantage: Window Lift Assemblies Flyer NE11474
Sensors: High Technology (counter mat) NE11196
Tech Expert DISA Valve Repair Kits TE11132
Tech Expert Electronic Throttle Bodies Brochure NE11549
Tech Expert Introduction Flyer TE10711JAN13
Tech Expert KIT2 Blower Motor Resistor Connector Promotion TE11291
Tech Expert Oil Filter Housing Kits Brochure TE11716
Tech Expert Solutions: Alternator Decoupler Pulley Tool Kit TE10235ADP
Tech Expert Solutions: DISA Valve Repair Kits TE10235DVR
Tech Expert Solutions: EGR Transducers TE10235EGT
Tech Expert Solutions: Electronic Diverter Valve (EDV700) TE10235EDV
Tech Expert Solutions: Electronic Throttle Bodies TE10235ETB-AUG16
Tech Expert Solutions: Engine Coolant Air Bleeder Valve TE10235ABV
Tech Expert Solutions: European Solutions TE10235TES
Tech Expert Solutions: HID Headlight Ballast TE10235HID
Tech Expert Solutions: High Pressure Fuel Pump Cam Follower TE10235FPC
Tech Expert Solutions: High-Temp Headlight Harness TE10235HHH-MAR16
Tech Expert Solutions: High-Temp Blower Motor Resistor Connectors TE10235HTBC
Tech Expert Solutions: Keyless Entrance Transmitters TE10235KEY
Tech Expert Solutions: Power Distribution Center TE10235PDC-APR15
Tech Expert Solutions: Steering Column Shift Tubes & Bushings TE10235CST
Tech Expert Solutions: Tail Light Circuit Boards TE10235TLC
Tech Expert Solutions: Thermostat Housing Assembly TE10235THA
Tech Expert Solutions: Throttle Position Sensor Repair Kits TE10235TPS
Tech Expert Solutions: Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube TE10235TOT
TPMK17 QWIK-SENSOR® and TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit Bundle Flyer NE11471
TPMK19/21 QWIK-SENSOR® TPMS Bundles Flyer NE11533
TPMS 'See the Light' Brochure NE11332
TPMS Relearn & Scan Tool Kit 92-1531 NE10629DEC15
TPMS Relearn & Scan Tool Kit: 92-1531: User Guide NAPA92-1531_RevA-U6
TPMS Service Tool Kit (92-9000) NE10817-MAR15
TPMS Tool Comparison NE10235TPMSTOOLS
What's In Your Box: ABS Speed Sensors NE11519
What's In Your Box: ADAS NE11581
What's In Your Box: Blower Motor Resistors NE11521
What's In Your Box: Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors NE11516-APR24
What's In Your Box: Collision Repair Program NE11630
What's In Your Box: Crankcase Ventilation Program NE11727
What's In Your Box: Electronic Throttle Bodies NE11561
What's In Your Box: EV / Hybrid Program NE11633
What's In Your Box: EVAP Components NE11725
What's In Your Box: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Program (EGR) NE11726
What's In Your Box: Gas Fuel Injectors NE11523
What's In Your Box: GDI Injection NE11629
What's In Your Box: Ignition Coils NE11513
What's In Your Box: NAPA Echlin Import Coils NE11632
What's In Your Box: NAPA Echlin Kits NE11631
What's In Your Box: Tech Expert Oil Filter Housing Kits TE11582
What's In Your Box: Oil Pressure Switches NE11522
What's In Your Box: Switches NE11527
What's In Your Box: TPMS NE11628
What's In Your Box: Turbocharger Kits NE11562
What's In Your Box: VVT Sprockets & Solenoids NE11528
We've Got You Covered NE11022