About NAPA Echlin VVT

Comprehensive Coverage for Variable Valve Timing

Variable valve timing systems are designed to reduce emissions and maximize engine performance and fuel economy. The electro-mechanical system depends on the circulation of engine oil. Lack of oil circulation can cause VVT components to fail prematurely.

Providing a premium quality replacement for this high-tech, high-failure category, NAPA Echlin is proud to introduce a line of variable valve timing solenoids and sprockets. With more than 525 SKUs in the line, NAPA Echlin provide comprehensive coverage for the aftermarket.

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NAPA® Echlin® offers more than 525 SKUs, which is comprehensive aftermarket coverage

Variable Valve Timing is an extremely high tech category, which is why premium quality is a must

NAPA® Echlin’s line undergoes extensive design and testing to ensure performance and longevity

Designed and Tested for Real-World Conditions

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage, NAPA® Echlin® is committed to supplying professional technicians with the premium quality that’s critical for this high-tech category. That’s why NAPA® Echlin® VVT solenoids and sprockets undergo an in-depth design process. Our continued commitment to high-quality design and testing standards ensures that each NAPA® Echlin® VVT component will endure real-world conditions.

Designed and Tested for Real-World Conditions