Diesel Fuel Injectors

Exclusive — New Diesel Fuel Injectors


Extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise coupled with high-precision equipment means NAPA® Echlin® Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors include the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector. NAPA® Echlin® Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors are built for the highest levels of precision and consistency, which delivers uncompromising quality, durability, and fuel economy.

What sets our new diesel injectors apart:

  • New OE-production fuel injector provides superior quality, emissions compliance, and fuel economy
  • Precision-manufactured with the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector
  • Product of OE-production design, development, engineering, and manufacturing processes, including sub-micron machining and complex assembly systems, to ensure durability
  • Undergoes extensive performance and diesel emissions testing to ensure proper operation

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Quality-Remanufactured Diesel Injectors

To ensure that our remanufactured diesel injectors perform flawlessly, we first make sure that they remain contamination-free during the rebuild process. We replace every necessary component with new and administer a precise, repeatable process that is followed every time. For more information, download our PDFs for HEUI and CRI injectors.