About Emission Controls

As an expert manufacturer of emission components, NAPA® Echlin® maintains complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

With our expertise and manufacturing processes in place, NAPA® Echlin® can offer high-quality parts for all major emission control systems and evaporative emission control systems. As a result, we provide comprehensive coverage for domestic and import vehicles that professional technicians need to keep cars running clean.

Program Highlights

1. NAPA® Echlin® offers more than 1,300 EVAP components for import and domestic applications

2. NAPA® Echlin® also offers over 550 crankcase and over 1,300 exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) emissions components

3. NAPA® Echlin’s emission components are precision-engineered and tested for durability and OE-matching performance

Testing and Validation

Our parts undergo rigorous examination and product validation, including extensive performance benchmarking, product life-cycle testing, and end-of-line testing.

Processes can vary from category to category, but it is always thorough. For example, NAPA® Echlin® Canister Purge Solenoids go through a barrage of tests including accelerated wear, thermal cycling, thermal shock, salt fog, vibration, and drop testing.