Turbo Actuator

On Ford 6.0L diesel engines, the turbo actuator (a.k.a. variable geometry turbo (VGT) control valve) controls the flow of exhaust gases through the turbo. When the actuator fails, the vanes can stick, causing the vehicle to lose power and generate too much or too little boost pressure. The end result is a damaged turbo. Our Turbo Actuator is a direct-fit replacement for the damaged OE part, so you get a part that fits and functions like the original.

Ford 6.0 Liter Powerstroke Turbo Actuator Installation

NAPA® Echlin® offers a full line of necessary components to repair the turbocharger system. That includes related components to do the job right.

NAPA® Echlin® has everything technicians are looking for, from actuators, solenoids, and sensors to coolant lines, oil lines, and drain tubes.