Steering Angle Sensors

The Steering Angle Sensor is a critical part of a vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It gives the vehicle’s computer the steering wheel’s rate of turn, wheel angle, and other important data. Missing or bad data from the Steering Angle Sensor will deactivate nearly every active safety system.

Steering Angle Sensor, part of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), from Standard Motor Products

The Steering Angle Sensor is positioned in the vehicle’s steering column and is vulnerable in a collision. When a Steering Angle Sensor fails, the vehicle may experience excessive play in the steering wheel or a disabled Electronic Stability Control system, among other symptoms. Post-collision alignments require Steering Angle Sensor inspection. If this sensor can’t be recalibrated, it needs to be replaced.

Standard® Steering Angle Sensors are rigorously tested for fit, form and precise performance to match the original application they are replacing. Direct-fit replacement ensures ease of installation and restoration of proper power steering function.