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NAPA® Echlin® designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes over 40,000 of the highest quality engine management products in some of the most advanced-technology categories. Our ignition and fuel-system components, sensors, switches, computerized engine controls, and all of our other advanced engine systems parts all have one thing in common – we won’t let them leave our facilities until they meet our strict quality standards. That’s how we know that they’ll meet your high standards.


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Anti-lock Brake (ABS) System Sensors Illustrated Parts Guide
Connectors, Pigtails, & Sockets
Diesel Automotive Products (2022)
Diesel Part to Engine Guide (2020)
Engine Management Emissions, Fuel, Electrical & Ignition Illustrated Parts Guide
Engine Management Reference Guide
Fuel Injector Flow Bench and Ultrasonic Cleaning System   
Ignition, Electrical, Emission & Fuel Systems Illustrated Parts Guide
Illustrated Connector Guide
Marine Application & Parts Guide
Motorcycle Replacement Parts Guide
NAPA Belden Premium Wire & Cable Illustrated Parts Guide
Tech Expert Solutions Illustrated Parts Guide
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Illustrated Parts Guide
Unit Parts Guide: Electrical Systems
Unit Parts Guide: Carburetor Kits & Parts
Wire & Cable Application and Illustrated Parts Guide