Expansive ETB Coverage

In order to meet the demand for high-quality electronic throttle body replacements, Tech Expert is proud to offer the most comprehensive line of electronic throttle bodies in the aftermarket. Our line features more than 190 units covering more than 150 million vehicles on the road, and that number will only grow with our electronic throttle body line expansion.

To ensure quality and reliability, each Tech Expert unit is 100% new, never remanufactured. Plus, with our units, you won’t encounter comebacks due to worn items in a partial rebuild.

Our ETB Coverage Will Continue to Expand

We are committed to increasing coverage for this important category. To date, here’s a sampling of Electronic Throttle Bodies that Tech Expert already offers for domestic and import applications:

Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 (2019-13)
VIO Over 698,000

Ford/Lincoln (2019-10)
VIO Over 2.1 million

GM Cars, Trucks, & SUVs (2020-14)
VIO Over 1.2 million

GM Cars & SUVs, 3.6L (2019-12)
VIO Over 4 million

GM Cars & SUVs (2017-12)
VIO Over 2 million

GM Trucks & Vans, 4.3L (2018-14)
VIO Over 460,000

GM Trucks & SUVs, 5.3L (2019-14)
VIO Over 3 million

Ford/Lincoln Cars, Trucks, SUVs, 2.7L (2019-15)
VIO Over 600,000

Ford/Lincoln Trucks & SUVs, 3.5L (2020-17)
VIO Over 930,000