• NAPA® Echlin® has more than 1,400 critical EVAP Components for import and domestic applications.
  • NAPA Echlin's EVAP Components are precision-engineered and tested for flawless performance.
  • NAPA® Echlin® engineers develop more durable, longer-lasting EVAP Components.

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A Closer Look: Evaporative System Integrity Module (ESIM)

Design Improvements You've Come to Expect from NAPA® Echlin® Engineers

Canister Purge Solenoid

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    Hi-grade materials protect against the extreme temperature changes of under-hood applications.

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    OE Design

    OE/Competitor flawed plunger and substandard membrane is prone to leaking, leading to product failure for GM (2019-12) applications.

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    The NAPA® Echlin® Design

    Our engineers solved the OE problem. Our 2-283727 delivers a stronger plunger design, eliminating the flimsy OE membrane and preventing valve leakage.

Design Improvements You've Come to Expect from NAPA® Echlin® Engineers

Canister Vent Solenoid

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    Superior resistance to environmental influences is due to proprietary one-piece molding technique. 

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    Products are 100% tested in production. 

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    High-temperature Viton O-rings prevent leaking.

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    Products are manufactured in ISO 14001 and IATF 16949-certified facilities.

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Tech Tip: Consequences of a Leaking Canister Purge Valve...

A leaking canister purge solenoid leads to a failure to regulate the fuel vapor flow, poor fuel efficiency, rough engine starting and running, failure to pass emission test, and OBD EVAP code.

Comprehensive EVAP Coverage to Keep Vehicles Running Clean

ESIM (Evaporative System Integrity Module)

The ESIM is a key component of the EVAP system, detecting pressure differences across a variety of conditions.

Canister Purge Valves

NAPA Echlin's Canister Purge Valves are designed to look, fit and perform like the original they replace.

Fuel Vapor Canisters

NAPA® Echlin® leads the market with high-quality Fuel Vapor Canisters built from industrial-grade materials for robust performance and extended service life.

Canister Vent Valves

NAPA Echlin's Canister Vent Valves are manufactured using the highest-quality materials to withstand extreme conditions and undergo extensive testing for continued reliability.

Canister Vent Solenoids

NAPA Echlin's Canister Vent Solenoids are 100% tested, with superior resistance to environmental influences due to proprietary one-piece molding.

Canister Purge Solenoids

Manufactured at our IATF 16949-certified facility, NAPA® Echlin® direct-fit Canister Purge Solenoids feature premium-quality connectors and terminals for proper fit, form and function.

Leak Detection Pumps

NAPA® Echlin® has a full line of direct-fit, premium-quality Leak Detection Pumps.

For nearly 100 years, when the OE failed, technicians have trusted NAPA® Echlin® to deliver a part that’s equal to or better than the original it’s replacing.