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No Start Condition for Nissan/Infiniti Applications with Automatic Transmissions

For vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems, a no start condition can be caused by a faulty stoplight switch. These vehicles require the brake pedal to be depressed before pressing the engine start button for the engine to start. If the brake light switch is defective, the engine will not start.

How to Diagnose

An easy way to diagnose is to have someone press the brake pedal while you stand behind the vehicle and check to see if the brake lights illuminate. If the lights do not illuminate, they could be the cause of the no start condition.

A Solution for Faulty Stoplight Switches

If the stoplight switch is the cause of the no start condition, we are your source for quality manufactured stoplight switches. With more than 300 SKUs available, we provide comprehensive coverage for import and domestic applications. For a sense of the design and manufacturing that goes into our stoplight switches, take a look at our SL920:

  • 100% tested to verify mechanical and electrical switching performance
  • Specially designed spring and contact arrangement reduces arcing for extended service life
  • Copper alloy conductors ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses
  • High-impact composite housing maximizes performance and durability