• More than 1000 SKUs and 95% coverage for domestic and import applications
  • We manufacture top-quality cam/crank sensors in our IATF 16949-certified facilities
  • All cam and crank sensors undergo extensive vibration and chamber testing to ensure durability

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We engineer and manufacture the highest quality and most precise camshaft and crankshaft position sensors.


Camshaft and crankshaft sensors are designed and manufactured at our advanced Poland and North American IATF 16949-certified facilities. Our expert design centers start with the finest components, while maintaining a strict adherence to engineering excellence and precision manufacturing.

It’s this attention to detail that ensures every NAPA® Echlin® cam and crank sensor meets or exceeds the original it’s replacing for performance and durability.

Cam/Crank Sensor Testing

Cam/Crank Sensor Testing

48-Hour Vibration Test Ensures Durability

Sensors undergo three separate 48-64 hour vibration tests to ensure a long service life under the harshest conditions.

Chamber Testing Simulates Extreme Temperatures

To ensure optimal operation, chamber testing cycles from -40°F to 257°F. We also run extensive end-of-line timing, pulse width and signal-amplitude testing.

What Our Testing Means For You

NAPA® Echlin® Cam and Crank Sensors provide complete protection to deliver precise performance and durability under all operating conditions.

We Start with Premium Components 

Our commitment is to use only the finest components to produce camshaft and crankshaft sensors that perform under the toughest conditions.

Premium Camshaft Position Sensors

  • cam_fb_1png

    Sealed metal casing prevents oil intrusion.

  • cam_fb_2png

    Fluorocarbon rubber oil seal ensures secure fit.

  • cam_fb_3png

    Rotated mounting ear matches latest OE-design.

  • cam_fb_4png

    Sealed construction withstands extreme under-hood conditions.

  • cam_fb_5png

    Integrated waterproof connector ensures lasting performance.

  • cam_fb_6png

    Advanced circuitry provides immunity from EMI (such as stray electro-magnetic fields, power spikes and static electricity) that meets ISO standards.

Camshaft Sensor Kits

NAPA® Echlin® Camshaft Sensor Kits include premium Camshaft Sensors along with needed connectors to replace worn or damaged originals.

Camshaft Sensor Kits

NAPA® Echlin® developed high-quality Camshaft Sensor Kits to provide technicians with what they need to do the complete job. NAPA® Echlin® Kits contain premium camshaft sensors and the needed connectors. Our enhanced Kits include two NAPA® Echlin® Camshaft Sensors along with high-quality connectors to replace the melted or damaged originals.

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Superior Crankshaft Position Sensors

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    Matching connectors and tin-plated brass terminals ensure accurate, watertight connection to harness.

  • cam_crank-slide-3png

    High-strength neodymium magnets ensure proper signal voltage to the ECM.

  • cam_crank-slide-4png

    Factory-installed grommets and wire clips ensure proper mounting during installation.

  • cam_crank-slide-5png

    Protective sleeve prevents wires from chafing and creating short circuits.

  • cam_crank-slide-6png

    Integrated A/D converter and digital signal processing with dynamically adaptive switch point improves accuracy and operation.

Tech Tip: Replace Camshaft and Crankshaft Position Sensors Together

Today’s engines use VVT systems with multiple camshafts and sensors to precisely monitor performance. A typical DOHC engine has 2-4 camshaft position sensors as well as a crankshaft position sensor.

For nearly 100 years, when the OE failed, technicians have trusted NAPA® Echlin® to deliver a part that’s equal to or better than the original it’s replacing.