Pencil Coils

As engine technology evolves, coil-on-plug technology will continue to play an increasingly important part of ignition systems. One such technology is the pencil coil. NAPA® Echlin® are leading the way with quality parts and exceptional coverage for this growing category. Take our IC242 Ignition Coil for example:

Tech Tip: If there’s been a failure such as a short, we recommend replacing the spark plug while you’re replacing the pencil coil.

  • Silicone rubber boot withstands extreme heat and provides superior insulation

  • Stainless steel spring resists corrosion

  • Primary and secondary bobbins made from fiberglass-reinforced polyethylene terephthalate prevent voltage flashover for extended service life

  • Internal core made from grainoriented electrical steel limits loss factor within magnetic circuit to reduce heat that may affect coil endurance

  • External core made from oriented silicon steel for durability

  • Neodymium magnet produces max high voltage output at all speeds

  • Electronic ignition module profile and feedback signal matches fit, form, and function of original

  • Tin-plated brass terminals improve electrical contact and protect against corrosion