Yaw Rate Sensors

A Yaw Rate Sensor (or rotational speed sensor) measures a vehicle’s angular velocity about its vertical axis in degrees or radians per second in order to determine the orientation of the vehicle as it hard-corners or threatens to roll-over.

By comparing the vehicle’s actual yaw rate to the target yaw rate, the on-board computer can identify to what degree the vehicle may be under- or over-steering, and what corrective action, if any, is required. Corrective action may include reducing engine power as well as applying the brake on one or more wheels to realign the vehicle.

NAPA® Echlin®  leads the way

The yaw rate sensor is a key component in a vehicle’s stability control or electronic stability control system designed to provide motorists with increased safety, security, and control even in the most difficult driving conditions.

NAPA® Echlin® leads the way, delivering these high-quality, high-technology sensors.

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