Connectors and Pigtails

Connectors and pigtails are vulnerable in rear, front and side collisions. Due to their location, they are often damaged in collisions, even if their corresponding sensor survives.

NAPA® Echlin® has a full offering of high-quality specialized sensor and trailer connectors and pigtails.

Steering Angle Sensor Connectors

Headlight Level Sensor Connectors

Combination Switch Connectors

Park Assist Sensor Connectors

Blind Spot Detection Sensor Connectors

Cruise Control Distance Sensor Connectors

Park Assist and Lane Departure Camera Connectors

Ride Height Sensor Connectors

Active Grille Shutter Connectors

Ambient Air Temp Sensor Connectors

DLA Connectors

Center High Mount Stop Light Connectors

Airbag Clock Spring Connectors

ABS Sensor Connectors

Vehicle Speed Sensor Connectors

Hood Latch and Actuator Connectors

Trunk Latch and Actuator Connectors

Liftgate Actuator Connectors