High Quality Parts + Trusted Brand

What's inside the NAPA® Echlin® box – expert manufacturing, precise engineering, premium quality, and over 100 years of expertise. We pay careful attention to the details to consistently deliver superior automotive products.

The Belden Advantage

With a long history of design innovation, NAPA® Echlin’s product expertise and manufacturing capabilities are vital assets in making Belden® EDGE the most trusted name in spark plug wires.

What's Behind Our Parts...

Every time you take a NAPA® Echlin® part out of the box, you know you are holding in your hands the very best. Quality, durability, reliability, extensive testing…that’s what’s behind NAPA® Echlin® parts.

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Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.

Auto manufacturers receive as much as 25GB of data per hour from your vehicle and get to decide where that data goes. Access to vehicle data is mission critical for us. That’s why we are working with the Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) to raise consumer awareness of this issue and support industry advocacy efforts. Help us protect our industry and ensure consumer choice.

It’s Your Car. Your Data. And it should be Your Choice.

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A Closer Look

Multi-Port Fuel Injection System (MFI)

GM’s Vortec engines come with a Sequential Port Injection System (SCPI). NAPA Echlin’s Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MFI) system has several advantages over the original Sequential Central Port Injection (SCPI) system, including port fuel delivery and high reliability, better hot starts and reduced vapor emissions, and faster prime on hot restarts.

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More Diesel. More Power.

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, we have fully invested in diesel. Today, NAPA® Echlin® Diesel offers thousands of diesel parts across hundreds of unique diesel categories for popular applications including medium-duty trucks. 

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Featured Training

Our latest installation video shares helpful tips on replacing the Multiair PCV Valve on a Chrysler vehicle with a 2.4L engine. You can always count on NAPA Echlin to help you solve your automotive problems.

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New Product Idea Portal

Do you have an idea for a part that we should offer? We want to hear from you directly. 

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