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Inside our box, you’ll find advanced research, precision manufacturing, and detailed lab and on-vehicle testing and validation.

NAPA Echlin offers a full line of always new, never remanufactured GDI components, each precision-engineered and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance.



NAPA® Echlin® offers 750+ ADAS components such as Blind Spot Detection Sensors, Cruise Control Distance Sensors, Lane Departure System Cameras, Park Assist Cameras, Park Assist Sensors, and Steering Angle Sensors

Collision Repair Program

NAPA® Echlin® offers more than 8,000 easily-damaged replacement parts including ABS Sensors, TPMS Sensors, Door Lock Actuators, Liftgate Actuators, Airbag Clock Springs, HID Headlight Ballasts, and Active Grille Shutter Assemblies

New Products

NAPA® Echlin® is committed to developing parts for the latest, in-demand product categories. Some of our newer categories include Electronic Parking Brake Actuators, Transfer Case Motors, Sunroof Motors, and Air Pumps


Echlin Expands Additional Categories

Echlin® is pleased to announce the expansion of additional categories covering import and domestic vehicles with ICE, hybrid, and electric powertrains. As the car parc evolves, Echlin® remains dedicated to introducing and expanding new product lines to provide technicians with the parts needed to do the job right, regardless of powertrain. When OE fails, technicians trust Echlin® to deliver precision components that keep a wide variety of systems operating as designed.

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Echlin Expands Oil Filter Housing Kit Program

Echlin® continues to expand its line of Oil Filter Housing Kits. Since the program’s introduction, Echlin® has added coverage for many popular applications.

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Echlin Expands Oil Filter Housing Kit Program

Echlin® continues to expand its line of Oil Filter Housing Kits. Since the program’s introduction, Echlin® has added coverage for many popular applications.

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Echlin Releases 272 New Part Numbers

Echlin® has released 272 new part numbers in its September new number announcement. This most recent release provides new coverage in 89 distinct product categories, and 115 part numbers for 2022, 2023 and 2024 model-year vehicles.

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NAPA Echlin Expands GDI Program Offering

NAPA® Echlin® continues to expand its aftermarket-leading Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) program. GDI technology has been an integral part of helping to improve fuel economy while reducing emissions, and can be found on more than half of the U.S. fleet.

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NAPA Echlin's Tech Expert Expands Electronic Throttle Body Offering

The most recent expansion to NAPA® Echlin’s Tech Expert® ETB offering features applications for popular import nameplates including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia. Tech Expert® ETB line-up now includes more than 200 part numbers, and covers 190 million vehicles. Providing industry-leading, late-model coverage for domestic and import vehicles, Tech Expert® offers ETBs for 2021 and 2022 model years.

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NAPA Echlin QWIK-SENSOR Single Sensor Program

The New Multi-Frequency TPMS Sensor combines 314.9, 315, and 433/434 MHz applications into one single SKU, eliminating a duplication of customer inventory. The Single Sensor program is an addition to NAPA Echlin’s QWIK-SENSOR® Universal Programmable TPMS Sensors and OE-Match TPMS Sensors and provides coverage for more than 200 million vehicles-in-operation (VIO) in North America.

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Camshaft Sensors are Built to Last

Check out how our sensors protect against over-voltage, under-voltage, reverse-voltage, and short circuits, and maintain accuracy during heavy-duty shock, vibration, and maximum temperature conditions.

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SMP CEO Eric Sills Testifies Before U.S. House Committee on Energy & Commerce

Eric Sills, President and CEO of Standard Motor Products and incoming Board Chairman of AASA, spoke before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection & Commerce. Sills was one of only four to testify on supply chain resilience and American competitiveness.

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The Belden Advantage

With a long history of design innovation, NAPA® Echlin’s product expertise and manufacturing capabilities are vital assets in making Belden® EDGE the most trusted name in spark plug wires.


What's Behind Our Parts...

Every time you take a NAPA® Echlin® part out of the box, you know you are holding in your hands the very best. Quality, durability, reliability, extensive testing…that’s what’s behind NAPA® Echlin® parts.

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Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.

Auto manufacturers receive as much as 25GB of data per hour from your vehicle and get to decide where that data goes. Access to vehicle data is mission critical for us. That’s why we are working with the Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) to raise consumer awareness of this issue and support industry advocacy efforts. Help us protect our industry and ensure consumer choice.

It’s Your Car. Your Data. And it should be Your Choice.

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A Closer Look

Multi-Port Fuel Injection System (MFI)

GM’s Vortec engines come with a Sequential Port Injection System (SCPI). NAPA Echlin’s Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MFI) system has several advantages over the original Sequential Central Port Injection (SCPI) system, including port fuel delivery and high reliability, better hot starts and reduced vapor emissions, and faster prime on hot restarts.

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More Diesel. More Power.

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, we have fully invested in diesel. Today, NAPA® Echlin® Diesel offers thousands of diesel parts across hundreds of unique diesel categories for popular applications including medium-duty trucks. 

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Featured Training

Our latest installation video shares helpful tips on replacing the Multiair PCV Valve on a Chrysler vehicle with a 2.4L engine. You can always count on NAPA Echlin to help you solve your automotive problems.

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New Product Idea Portal

Do you have an idea for a part that we should offer? We want to hear from you directly. 

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