Steering Angle Sensors

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A Critical Safety Component

The Steering Angle Sensor is an important part of a vehicle’s safety system. It transmits the steering wheel’s rate of turn, wheel angle, and other important data to the specific vehicle's computer. If there is a fault in the signal, the computer can disable the vehicle’s stability control.

Signs of a Faulty Steering Angle Sensor

When a steering angle sensor fails, the vehicle may experience the following symptoms:

  • Excessive play in the steering wheel
  • Steering warning light illuminated in the dash
  • Electronic Stability Control system is disabled

A Solution to Keep Your Stability Control System Enabled

Providing quality-manufactured replacement parts for this important safety category, we offer more than 40 steering angle sensors. To see what makes our steering angle sensors the best, take a look at our SWS24:

  • Direct-fit replacement ensures ease of installation and restoration of proper power steering function
  • High-grade plastic provides durability against extreme conditions provide durability against extreme conditions
  • Copper alloy conductors provide superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses