92-9000 TPMS Service Tool Kit

This high-quality TPMS Service Tool Kit contains all the tools necessary to manage your TPMS service.

92-9000 Features

  • 1/4” Torque wrench 30-150 in/lbs
    Our 1/4” tool complete with 11mm and 12mm deep sockets offers a wider torque range which helps ensure accurate TPMS nut installation. Also includes 1/4” T20 Torx socket, preset at 35 in/lbs for European valve screw applications
  • 1/4” Torque screwdriver
    Our 1/4” torque screwdriver is preset to 12 in/lbs for use when replacing rubber snap-in valve stems for various TPMS sensors. Includes 4 x T10 Torx bits and 2” extension
  • Valve core torque tool
    Reduce come backs with this calibrated precision tool (4 in/lbs) for TRA recommended torque specifications on TR C1 valve cores, including nickelplated cores. Serves as both a valve core remover and installer
  • Rugged Tool Case
    Our complete kit also includes a thumb valve core installation and bleeder tool, a grommet pick, a grommet removal, and an installation tool all neatly packed and protected in a molded tool case.