• Our blended TPMS program offers 99% coverage
  • Full line of OE-Match Pre-Programmed Sensors are ready to install right out of the box
  • The NAPA® Echlin® program offers a full line of service kits & TPMS tools

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The Industry’s Best Blended TPMS Program with 99% Coverage

The NAPA® Echlin® TPMS program covers 99% of the vehicles on the road. That includes OE-Match TPMS Sensors, QWIK-SENSOR® Multi-Frequency Single Sensor Program, mounting hardware, service kits and TPMS tools. 

What’s inside the NAPA® Echlin® box... innovative design,
advanced engineering and nearly 100 years of experience.
What’s in your box?

Ready to Install Right Out of the Box.

With more than 220 SKUs, NAPA® Echlin® OE-Matching TPMS Sensors provide 99% coverage – the best in the industry. Pre-programmed from the factory with exact vehicle-specific OE application software, NAPA® Echlin® TPMS Sensors can be directly installed. These sensors are compatible with OE valve stem rebuild kits and work with all major OE and aftermarket TPMS tools.

  • oe-match_tpms_1png

    Military-grade lithium battery ensures maximum battery life and sensor performance

  • oe-match_tpms_3png

    Direct-fit replacement matches the original for fit, form, and function

  • oe-match_tpms_2png

    Pre-programmed at the factory with exact OE protocol, so it’s ready to install out of the box

One Single Sensor is All You Need.

QWIK-SENSOR® Multi-Frequency TPMS Sensor combines all frequencies into a single sensor, eliminating duplication of inventory. Available with a factory installed rubber or metal valve stem. Faster programming times and longer battery life are enhancements engineered into the QS106.

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_1png

    With factory-installed rubber valve stem

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_2png

    With factory-installed aluminum valve stem

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_3png

    Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) features an accelerometer that uses multi-axis positioning which allows the TPMS system to accurately display POD (Pressure on Demand)

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_4png

    Surface-mounted, dual-band antenna enhances signal integrity and reliability without compromising battery life to ensure data is transmitted accurately

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_5png

    Works on both domestic and import applications with 314.9MHz - 434MHz TPMS systems

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_6png

    Independently tested to match OE protocols for precise form, fit and function – including LOCSYNC, PAL, POD, and WAL advanced TPMS technologies

  • qwik-sensor-tpms_7png

    Required sensor programming can be completed before or after installation and while under pressure

Covering all frequencies in one programmable sensor, the QWIK-SENSOR® single sensor TPMS program is all you need.


NAPA® Echlin® TPMS Sensors are designed and manufactured using the latest technology to meet the OE performance in compliance with all SAE2657 specifications. Every sensor is precision engineered for application-specific operation and a long service life.


Our facility produces more than a million sensors annually, earning international and national certifications including U.S. FCC, European E-Mark, Canada IC, and Taiwan NCC while meeting FMVSS138, SAE J2657, ISO9001, and IATF 16949 quality standards.

Testing and Validation

NAPA® Echlin® TPMS Sensors undergo extensive testing to ensure performance and durability. We subject our sensors to SAEJ2657 certification standards including operational temperature, thermal shock, extreme temperature, humidity, frost, proof pressure, rapid deflation, contamination, salt fog, drop, centrifugal force vehicle speed, and mechanical vibration testing.

NAPA® Echlin® TPMS Accelerated Life Test

During normal usage, TPMS sensors are only active a few hours per day. To make sure our sensor batteries last, we subject them to an Accelerated Life Test and run them for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The result is a TPMS sensor battery that lasts, which keeps this important safety feature running.

Testing and Validation

TPMS Service Tools Designed for Complete TPMS Service Management

NAPA Echlin's advanced TPMS tools offer comprehensive coverage for domestic and import vehicles. That's complete TPMS service management.

92-1557 TPMS Programming Tool

The 92-1557 TPMS tool includes a 110V wall charger, protective case, TPMS relearn magnet and OBDII module with cable. The 92-1557 features a high-resolution touchscreen, integrated VIN scanner, and the ability to update wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

TPMS Service Tools Designed for Complete TPMS Service Management
  • Integrated VIN scanner ensures fast and accurate application lookup
  • Built-in TPMS relearn procedures speed up repair process and save time
  • Allows for software updates over Wi-Fi
  • Programs universal and QWIK-SENSOR multi-coverage TPMS sensors
  • Save customer vehicle data via PC or printout with optional IR thermal printer
  • PC-based software ensures that the tool stays up to date when new TPMS sensors and relearn procedures are introduced
  • High-resolution 4.3” touchscreen color display allows for easy navigation
  • Intuitive design displays all sensor information on a single screen
  • World-class TPMS technical support
  • Optional accessories include tire tread depth gauge, IR thermal printer, multi-year software updates and MitsuReset for applicable Mitsubishi models

92-1548 TPMS Programming Tool

The 92-1548 TPMS Programing Tool gives you everything you need to perform efficient TPMS repairs and service, including an all-inclusive TPMS diagnostic and programming tool that features a full-color LCD screen and wi-fi capabilities to allow the tool to be updated wirelessly.

92-1548 Features

  • Comprehensive make/model/year-specific relearn procedures built in to the tool, which speeds up the repair process and saves you money
  • Built-in OBD Module with Quick Connect Cable allows for simple and easy OBDII transfers without the need for additional accessories
  • Programs universal and QWIK-SENSOR® multi-coverage TPMS sensors
  • Programs QWIK-SENSOR® Universal Programmable TPMS Sensors by create, copy, copy by ODBII, copy by set of sensors or TPMS ID input
  • Wi-Fi capability allows for software updates without plugging into a PC
  • Bluetooth technology allows for wireless connection to peripherals and accessories
  • Full-color, icon-based 2.8” LCD screen allows for easy navigation
  • PC-based software ensures that the tool stays up to date when new TPMS sensors and relearn procedures are introduced
  • Comes with a relearn magnet, OBDII module, 110V wall charger and soft protective tool case

For nearly 100 years, when the OE failed, technicians have trusted NAPA® Echlin® to deliver a part that’s equal to or better than the original it’s replacing.