Turbochargers - New

100% New Turbochargers

NAPA Echlin's line of 100% new turbos means you can install with complete confidence. Each direct-fit replacement part ensures ease of installation, and we have parts for both gasoline and diesel applications.

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    Rotating journal and thrust bearings 100% tested to meet OE performance

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    Includes complete gasket kit for ease of installation

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    Turbo vacuum-operated actuator diaphragm constructed with high-grade rubber material to resist heat fatigue

NAPA® Echlin® Top-Selling No-Core Turbochargers

Below are some of our top-selling Turbochargers, for both gasoline and diesel fuel systems. These units are only a sample of the 60+ high-quality, new No-Core Turbochargers available from NAPA® Echlin®.

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    Ford F- and E-Series 6.0L (2010-05)
    VIO Over 500,000

  • turbocharger-diesel-standard-tbc524s_1png

    Ford F- and E-Series 6.0L (2005-04)
    VIO Over 360,000

  • turbocharger-gas-standard-tbc598s_1png

    2-551036 - GAS
    Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sportage 2.0L (2016-11)
    VIO Over 300,000

  • turbocharger-gas-standard-tbc599s_1png

    2-551037 - GAS
    Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima 2.0L (2019-15)
    VIO Over 218,000