Oil Filter Housing Kits

Our engineers identify weak points in the original units and design improvements to prevent leaks.

Tech Expert Design Improvements

Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housing Kits feature design improvements over the OE to prevent leaks.

OE Problem:

Oil leaks from the back of the housing around the core plugs that are installed without any seals or O-rings.

Tech Expert® Solution:

Tech Expert® installs an O-ring on each core plug before ultrasonically welding them into the housing. This creates a positive, long-lasting seal.

OE Problem:

Oil contaminates the coolant causing cooling system problems, resulting in overheating and premature radiator failure. This is because there is no seal on the core plug that separates the oil and coolant passages.

Tech Expert® Solution:

We added a robust seal to the core plug which separates these two passages. This enhancement prevents internal failure and cross-contamination.

OE Problem:

Oil leaks from the brass sensor inserts because there is not an effective seal between the brass and the synthetic housing material.

Tech Expert® Solution:

Additional O-rings are installed on our knurled brass inserts to prevent oil leaks.

The sensors are then installed and torqued to specification in a controlled, contaminant-free environment.

OE Problem:

The OE seals often become distorted or crushed, resulting in an oil leak around the base of the housing.

Tech Expert® Solution:

We install new, distortion-resistant seals. The synthetic material on the seals is less prone to failure than the original.

Completely Assembled

Inside the Tech Expert® box, you’ll find an Oil Filter Housing Kit that is factory-assembled. Each housing includes a new oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, oil cooler, the correct year/make/model-specific oil filter, and new gaskets and seals already installed. Our Oil Filter Housing Kits also include the intake manifold gaskets needed for a complete repair.

Completely Assembled

Design Improvements

The original oil filter housings on the Pentastar V6 are known for their high failure rates. There are multiple weak points in the original design where oil can leak. Our engineers evaluated the original units and designed housings with multiple improvements over the original to address the OE weak points.

Design Improvements

Correct Cooling

Our Oil Filter Housings are designed to match the thermal characteristics of the original design. This is critical as these housings are not only oil filters but also oil coolers. When the OE developed the oil cooling system to use a high-temp synthetic housing, that is what we deliver, and when the OE uses aluminum, we use aluminum.

Correct Cooling

Correct Offering

While different generations of Pentastar oil filter housings do look the same, there are functional differences in their design. Tech Expert® always matches OE design and performance by using oil filters with the correct flow rate and the correct oil pressure sensors. Universal housings may not match OE performance for every vehicle model year that they are cataloged for.

Correct Offering

Pentastar Oil Filter Housings

While oil filter housings on Pentastar V6 engines may all look similar, there are distinct differences from year to year, like oil pressure sensors, oil filters, flow rates, and lack of a temperature sensor on late-model applications. Universal designs may not be correct for every application!

Pentastar Oil Filter Housings

Tech Expert Oil Filter Housing Kits are Vehicle-Specific–NOT Universal

Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housing Kits are factory-assembled, drop-in replacements that include new sensors and gaskets, for Chrysler Pentastar V6 engines.

Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housing Kits include the vehicle-specific Filter, Cap, Bypass Valve, Heat Exchanger (Cooler), Gaskets, Hardware and both the Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure Sensors. Competitor units don’t include all of the necessary components.

They don’t just filter the oil, they also cool it

Modular oil filter housings are becoming increasingly popular on modern vehicles replacing the older spin-on style filters. It is important to remember, they don’t just filter the oil, they also cool it!

They don’t just filter the oil, they also cool it
  • Housings contain passages for both oil and coolant
  • These passages are very close together and one failed seal can cause cross-contamination
  • It is critical that a replacement unit matches the heat-dissipating characteristics of the original design to help keep the oil cool

The Factory-Assembled, Drop-In Replacement

Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housing Kits include the vehicle-specific Filter, Cap, Bypass Valve, Heat Exchanger (Cooler), Gaskets, Hardware and both the Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure Sensors. Competitor units don’t include all of the necessary components.

Vehicle manufacturers have designed these housings to meet the cooling requirements of today’s engines. Tech Expert’s Oil Filter Housings are made from a high-strength, glass-filled nylon housing. This helps add strength over the OE design. It also matches the heat-dissipating characteristics of the OE design and keeps the oil cool.

Other aftermarket companies have changed the OE form and function, and have built oil filter housings out of metal. While this may look stronger, metal retains heat much differently than synthetic materials. Think about touching the handle on a hot pan. Would a metal handle or plastic handle be hotter? 

Tech Expert® Housings are also vehicle-specific, not universal, and are designed to use the correct oil filter cataloged for the vehicle. Now, that may sound obvious. But some other oil filter housings are universal, and may not use the oil filter designed and cataloged for the intended vehicle. You can imagine how much confusion that causes when it’s time for an oil change.

Factory-Assembled, Complete Drop-in Solution

The Tech Expert® EOF100 comes completely assembled, so all you have to do is drop it in place. All Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housing Kits include new oil temperature and oil pressure sensors. The oil filter and cap are exact OE-match and come already installed. The Tech Expert® Kit includes all new gaskets and hardware for a clean install – you won’t have to reuse any of the old, worn pieces.

  • oil-filter-housing-assemby-hardwarepng

    Hardware: O-rings and gaskets included for a complete and effective repair

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-cappng

    Cap and O-ring: New cap and O-ring to help prevent future oil leaks

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-filterpng

    Oil Filter: Correct, vehicle-specific oil filter keeps oil free of debris

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-coolerpng

    Oil Cooler: Helps keep the oil and OE-designed operating temperatures for performance and reliability

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-temp-sensorpng

    Oil Temperature Sensor: Made of high-quality materials to withstand extreme conditions and tested to ensure reliability

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-pressure-sensorpng

    Oil Pressure Sensor: Computer calibrated to ensure accurate oil pressure readings

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-newpng

    100% New & Assembled: All of the components are entirely new and come assembled from the factory

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-housingpng

    Housing: High-strength, high-temp synthetic housing to match OE heat-dissipating characteristics

  • oil-filter-housing-assembly-gasketpng

    Gasket Set: complete gasket set prevents oil leaks

In addition to offering five different housings for the Pentastar V6, we also have oil filter housing and oil coolers for import and domestic vehicles. Tech Expert® Oil Filter Housings are tested in the lab and on vehicles to make sure that match the performance and heat-dissipating characteristics of the OE design.


Volvo Cars & SUVs (2016-04)
VIO: 206K


Volvo Cars & SUVs (2014-07)
VIO: 87K


Buick / Chevrolet Cars (2021-11)
VIO: 2.2M

Oil Filter Housing Assembly Installation

This video reviews the procedure for replacing the Oil Filter Housing and Cooler Assembly on a 3.6L engine.

Tech Expert® offers a quality drop-in replacement that comes completely assembled from the factory. It includes the oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, a new cooler, new hardware, new cap, new filter, gaskets, and seals.

Vehicle used: 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan