TPMS Tools

When it's time to replace your TPMS sensors, there’s no need to go back to the dealer. As a leader in TPMS technology, NAPA® Echlin® provide the best TPMS coverage in the industry. In addition to our full line of perfect-match TPMS sensors, we also offer a complete line of tools for service technicians. Our TPMS sensors can be installed faster and easier, all to get vehicles back on the road in no time.

TPMS Tool Updates

The process for updating your NAPA® Echlin® TPMS tools is easy.

To download the update for our 92-1551 and 92-1541 tools, click here. To download the update for our 92-1531 tool, click here. Once downloaded, simply follow the steps to keep your TPMS tool up-to-date with the latest TPMS software for domestic and import vehicles. Updates will continually be released throughout the year, so check back once your software is loaded on your computer (PC only). 

92-1551 TPMS Service Tool Kit

Our advanced TPMS tool offers comprehensive coverage for domestic, European, and Asian vehicles to provide complete TPMS service management.

Our kit includes the 92-1551 TPMS tool, 110V wall charger, protective case, TPMS relearn magnet and OBDII module with cable. 

Key features of this TPMS tool include:

  • Industry-first VIN scanner ensures application accuracy
  • Built-in TPMS relearn procedures speed up the repair process and save you time
  • Programs universal and QWIK-SENSOR multi-coverage TPMS sensors
  • Save customer vehicle data via PC or print out with optional IR thermal printer
  • PC-based software ensures that the tool stays up-to-date when new TPMS sensors and relearn procedures are introduced
  • High-resolution 4.3” color display allows for easy navigation
  • Intuitive design displays all sensor information on a single screen
  • World-class TPMS technical support
  • Optional accessories include tire tread depth gauge, IR thermal printer, multi-year software updates and MitsuReset for applicable Mitsubishi Models
  • Click to view 92-1551 Manual

92-1500TG: Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Tire Tread Depth Gauge
  • Professional-grade tool allows you to quickly detect worn tires, tire damage, and even poor alignment, resulting in additional service and tire sales opportunities

  • Connects to the powerful 92-1551 diagnostic tool kit, which lets you perform a complete tire and TPMS sensor check during routine maintenance

  • Capable of displaying results on the 92-1551 tool screen or transferring results to a PC to share with customers

  • Green, yellow, and red color coding effectively illustrates wear against safety thresholds, which helps promote customer service and tire sales

92-1541 TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit

Our 92-1541 TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit gives you everything you need to perform efficient TPMS repairs and service.

This kit features an all-inclusive TPMS diagnostic and programming tool for performing efficient TPMS repairs and service. Here are some of this tool’s key features: 

  • Comprehensive make/model/year-specific relearn procedures built in to the tool, which speeds up the repair process and saves you money
  • Programs universal and multi-coverage TPMS sensors
  • Full-color, icon-based screen allows for easy navigation
  • PC-based software ensures that the tool stays up-to-date when new TPMS sensors and relearn procedures are introduced 
  • Comes with a relearn magnet, OBDII module, 110V wall charger, and soft protective tool case
  • Click to view 92-1541 Manual

How to perform TPMS reset via OBDII

Our 92-1541 allows you to perform TPMS reset via OBDII on applicable vehicles, which makes up 40% of the TPMS market. Here's how to do it:

1. Use a tool to read all of the sensor IDs
2. Turn on the ignition
3. Connect the tool to the OBDII port
4. The relearn should be complete within 2 minutes

92-9000: TPMS Service Tool Kit

This high-quality TPMS Service Tool Kit contains all the tools necessary to manage your TPMS service.

  • 1/4” Torque wrench 30-150 in/lbs
    Our 1/4” tool complete with 11mm and 12mm deep sockets offers a wider torque range which helps ensure accurate TPMS nut installation. Also includes 1/4” T20 Torx socket, preset at 35 in/lbs for European valve screw applications
  • 1/4” Torque screwdriver
    Our 1/4” torque screwdriver is preset to 12 in/lbs for use when replacing rubber snap-in valve stems for various TPMS sensors. Includes 4 x T10 Torx bits and 2” extension
  • Valve core torque tool
    Reduce come backs with this calibrated precision tool (4 in/lbs) for TRA recommended torque specifications on TR C1 valve cores, including nickelplated cores. Serves as both a valve core remover and installer
  • Rugged Tool Case
    Our complete kit also includes a thumb valve core installation and bleeder tool, a grommet pick, a grommet removal, and an installation tool all neatly packed and protected in a molded tool case.