NAPA Echlin OE-Match TPMS Sensors


When your OE TPMS sensors fail, there’s only one replacement brand you need to know: NAPA® Echlin®. With over 98% coverage and OE-matching, direct-fit TPMS sensors that can be OE-relearned or ID-cloned, NAPA® Echlin® is the perfect TPMS solution for you and your customers.

What Makes NAPA® Echlin® OE-Matching, Direct-Fit TPMS Sensors the Best

  • Engineered to match the fit, form and function of the vehicle’s original sensor
  • Pre-programmed at factory so they're ready to install right out of the box
  • More than 120 OE-Matching TPMS sensors provide more than 98% coverage for domestic and import vehicles
  • Can be OE-Relearned or ID-Cloned—technician's choice
  • Designed to operate within extremely tight radio frequency (RF), eliminating most external interference for more accurate monitoring of tires

Works with All Major TPMS Tools

Once installed, just follow the OE-relearn procedure using any major TPMS programming tool. 

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OE-Relearn or ID-Clone—Technician's Choice

In addition to the OE-Relearn procedure, NAPA® Echlin® OE-Matching TPMS sensors can be ID-cloned. It's your choice. Here's how to ID Clone the sensor:

Step 1:  Locate the ID number on the old sensor.

*If old sensor is destroyed, the ID number may be retrieved from the vehicle’s computer.

Step 2:  Place the new NAPA® Echlin® OE-Match Sensor in the holding tray of the NAPA® Echlin® 92-1530.

Step 3:  Enter the ID Number from the old sensor and press enter.

Step 4:  Write the cloned ID on the sticker provided with the new NAPA® Echlin® sensor.

Step 5:  Affix sticker to back of new sensor.

Don't Forget the Service Kit

Every time a tire is removed from the wheel you should replace TPMS service parts such as the valve stems, seals, washers, nuts, valve cores, and caps. NAPA® Echlin® offers an array of such parts to complement your TPMS repairs. 

TPMS Sensor

Seal washer

Valve core


Valve nut

Valve cap