Switches and Relays

Switch Relay

As the automotive industry continues to introduce more electronic systems, switches and relays will play a greater role in daily operation and repairs. With over 10,000 engine, multi-function, and driver-operated switches and relays for import and domestic vehicles, NAPA® Echlin® sets the bar for coverage you can count on. NAPA® Echlin® Switches and Relays are all meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure reliability and performance. 

Meticulously designed, manufactured and tested to meet or
exceed OE specs, for impressive reliability and performance.”

Driver / Passenger Operated Switches

NAPA® Echlin® offers a complete line of driver / passenger operated switches in addition to our engine switch offering. With more than 5,000 driver operated switches, NAPA® Echlin® is sure to have your switch.

Ignition Switches / Lock Assemblies

NAPA® Echlin® offers a complete line of Ignition Switches and Lock Assemblies that’s unsurpassed in quality. All NAPA® Echlin® Ignition Switches, Lock Cylinders, and Assemblies are perfectly matched to the original for precision installation. Furthermore, they are quality-constructed using solid brass tumblers, chrome-plated brass keys, die-cast zinc lock cores, and multiple, randomly assigned key codes to ensure superior operation.

Recoding a new NAPA® Echlin® Ignition Lock Cylinder

View NAPA® Echlin® instructional video to learn how to recode a new ignition lock cylinder. This video will show you how to recode a new ignition lock cylinder with your original key. For additional videos on how to replace your vehicle’s Ignition Lock or Door Lock Cylinder, visit NAPA Echlin’s YouTube channel.


Stoplight Switches

stoplight switch

No Start Condition for Nissan/Infiniti Applications with Automatic Transmissions

For vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems, a no start condition can be caused by a faulty stoplight switch. These vehicles require the brake pedal to be depressed before pressing the engine start button for the engine to start. If the brake light switch is defective, the engine will not start.

How to Diagnose

An easy way to diagnose is to have someone press the brake pedal while you stand behind the vehicle and check to see if the brake lights illuminate. If the lights do not illuminate, they could be the cause of the no start condition.

A Solution for Faulty Stoplight Switches

If the stoplight switch is the cause of the no start condition, we are your source for quality manufactured stoplight switches. With more than 300 SKUs available, we provide comprehensive coverage for import and domestic applications. For a sense of the design and manufacturing that goes into our stoplight switches, take a look at our SL920:

  • 100% tested to verify mechanical and electrical switching performance
  • Specially designed spring and contact arrangement reduces arcing for extended service life
  • Copper alloy conductors ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses
  • High-impact composite housing maximizes performance and durability


With more than 225 unique relay categories, NAPA® Echlin® is your go-to source for a full line of accessory and electronic relay solutions that match the OE for fit, form, and function. NAPA® Echlin® Relays are the product of high-quality design, testing, and manufacturing. Take this coolant fan relay for example:

Circuitry is designed to withstand electrical over-stress conditions such as reverse polarity, ESD transients, and jump start voltage extremes

100% tested during manufacturing for electronic component assembly and wire bond connectivity

100% tested prior to shipping for continuous current load, quiescent current, voltage drop,
pull-in current, voltage and hysteresis

Copper terminals with aluminum inlay keep electrical resistance low and still provide benefits for wire bonding and corrosion protection

Heatsink is made from aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity

Tech Expert Key Fobs

Most modern vehicles come with the option for a keyless entry, also known as a ‘Key Fob’. The problem is that these transmitters drop, break, get lost, rubber buttons wear, contacts inside become corroded and the plastic case can crack.

Tech ExpertTM offers a complete line of keyless entry transmitters providing a high-quality, cost effective solution to replace the damaged or lost original. Remember to always follow OE reprogramming instructions to ensure that your Tech ExpertTM keyless entry transmitter works in harmony with your vehicle.