A coil-on-plug is designed to perform the functions of the ignition coil (creating the spark energy) and the spark plug wire set (containing and delivering the high voltage energy to the spark plug). To ensure proper function, NAPA® Echlin® Coil-on-Plug Assemblies feature premium-quality components.

Designed using advanced thermoplastics to ensure proper connection and resist fractures caused by heat and thermal cycling

High-temp boot prevents highvoltage leaks, while stainless steel spring with internal ferrite noise suppressor prevents radio frequency interference (RFI)

High-impact material bonds extremely well to epoxy to ensure longer life in all operating conditions

Internal neodymium permanent magnet surrounded by grainoriented magnetic-laminated steel maximizes high-voltage output at all speeds

Primary (25 gauge) and Secondary (43 gauge) copper wire ensure high-voltage availability for peak performance while reinforced bobbins prevent voltage flashover for extended service life

Manufactured using high-voltage resistant thermoplastics to prevent premature coil failure