Diesel Parts

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, NAPA Echlin has fully invested in diesel. Today, NAPA® Echlin® Diesel offers hundreds of parts in dozens of unique diesel engine management categories, and we’re a basic manufacturer in most of them. Looking ahead, NAPA® Echlin® Diesel is determined to deliver the finest quality diesel products. Scroll down to learn more about the diesel market and our current vehicle platform coverage.

New Diesel Parts Added

We're proud to announce the release of 100 new diesel parts, including several new product categories and line expansions to key existing categories. To download a PDF of the flyer, click here.

Diesel: The Next Global Transportation Fuel

Compared to gasoline, Diesel has 20-40% better fuel economy and 10-20% fewer emissions. For high-quality bio-diesel blends, emissions are even lower. That’s one of the reasons why industry experts are so bullish on diesel fuel. In fact, the International Energy Agency predicts diesel will remain the “dominant growth fuel” through 2035. Considering these positive forecasts, it’s no wonder OEM’s are expanding their use of Clean Diesel Engine platforms.

Vehicle MPG the
 CAFE standard
    is calling for
       by 2025

   Number of diesel
  makes and models
introduced by vehicle
between 2013 - 2016

  Expected diesel
     share of U.S.
   Passenger Car/
Light Truck market
       by 2020

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 service stations
    diesel fuel

Exclusive, New Diesel Fuel Injectors

Extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise coupled with high-precision equipment means NAPA® Echlin® Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors include the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector. NAPA® Echlin® Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors are built for the highest levels of precision and consistency, which delivers uncompromising quality, durability, and fuel economy.

What sets our new diesel injectors apart:

  • New OE-production fuel injector provides superior quality, emissions compliance, and fuel economy

  • Precision-manufactured with the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector

  • Product of OE-production design, development, engineering, and manufacturing processes, including sub-micron machining and complex assembly systems, to ensure durability

  • Undergoes extensive dynamometer, hot gas test stand, and diesel emissions testing for proper performance

  • Manufactured in U.S.A. at TS16949-certified facility

Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

All NAPA® Echlin® Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps are the product of an exhaustive remanufacturing process designed to ensure maximum quality and durability. 

High Pressure Oil Pumps

Each High Pressure Oil Pump features NAPA® Echlin® engineered enhancements to ensure proper sealing and improved performance.

How NAPA® Echlin® Engineering Helps Eliminate Common 6.0L Failures

During our revamped remanufacturing process, our engineers manually examine hundreds of component parts for consistency in critical wear points to make sure the right components get replaced every time. On top of that, they've also engineered improvements to common 6.0L failures, such as housing leaks:

The Backstory

Original 6.0L high pressure oil pumps
are designed with 
a check ball.

The Problem

Due to a flawed OE design, the check ball
can easily become displaced, leading to
housing leaks and part failure.

Our Solution

We replace the check ball housings
with a new casting that has a threaded
plug to 
ensure proper sealing and
eliminate the original problem.

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

As a high-quality replacement part, NAPA Echlin's 100% new Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump is designed to keep constant fuel flow from the vehicle fuel tank to the injection pump. The constant flow allows peak performance to remain consistent during vehicle operation.

Precision-manufactured internal components maintain optimal fuel pressure during vehicle operation 

High-grade composite plastic connector resists cracking when exposed to extreme weather 

Comes complete with jumper harness, fuel line banjo bolt seals, and mounting nuts and washers 

Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM)

With applications for 6.0L Ford Trucks, our Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) features a completely redesigned circuit layout with performance upgrades and more advanced electronics to prevent heat failure that other boards experience. 

"Blue Spring" Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit

Our "Blue Spring" Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit for 6.0L Ford Trucks includes everything needed to rebuild the fuel filter housing, including O-rings, hardware, and a blue spring that increases fuel pressure by 10-15 psi to eliminate potential for injector damage.

Turbocharger Actuator

Our direct-fit Turbocharger Actuator for 6.0L Ford Trucks delivers a high-quality matching replacement for the failed original.