Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Over the past decade, one of the fastest-growing automotive technologies has been the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Consisting of categories such as blind spot detection sensors and lane departure sensor cameras, ADAS is available on many late-model vehicles and most new vehicles and will be the premiere safety feature for the future.

As ADAS technologies become more commonplace on vehicles, repair opportunities will grow. Due to their locations, many ADAS categories will be prone to damage from even minor collisions. In order to provide you with the coverage and quality you need for this growing repair opportunity, we’re committed to expanding our line of ADAS categories. Here are a few examples:

Blind Spot Detection Sensors

Blind Spot Detection Sensor

Function: Notify drivers to obstacles in their blind spots

Location: On both corners of the rear bumper

Damaged by: Minor rear-end collisions, inaccurate parking

Features: Plug-and-play design, so there’s no programming required


Cruise Control Distance Sensors

Cruise Control Distance Sensor

Function: Measure distance to leading vehicle to drive adaptive cruise control system and emergency braking system

Location: In front of the vehicle, usually behind the lower radiator grill

Damaged by: Minor impact to frontof vehicle

Features: Plug-and-play design, so there’s no programming required


Lane Departure System Cameras

Lane Departure System Camera

Function: Notify drivers if vehicle leaves lane without turn signal activated

Location: Top of windshield between rearview mirror and windshield

Damaged by: Extreme sunload and objects that hit windshield in the location point

Features: Plug-and-play design, so there’s no programming required (calibration may be required)


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